Pabelona Studio

Not all couples possess qualities and talents that can be mixed into a business creation, but when it happens, results as Pabelona Studio can appear.

Jorge Gonzalez came to the United States from Cuba when he was 8 years old. He majored in Visual Arts with a concentration in Photography at Florida International University (FIU). He is also a musician, who has played for several bands including the Miami punk-rock band Guajiro and is the bassist in the indie rock band Plains.

Celia Sanchez was born in Peru and moved to Miami when she was a teenager. She got a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design at the Miami International University of Art and Design.

“We met seven years ago at a bar. One day, Jorge invited me to one of his shows and I gladly accepted,” said Sanchez.

“She was really cute and when I saw her at the show there was an instant spark,” said Gonzalez.

They got engaged on February 2012, while they were on a cruise to Bahamas. After that, the wedding planning inspired the creation of their business project Pabelona Studio in July 2012.

As they describe on their website, the word ‘Pabelona’ illustrates what they are every Friday night: ‘Una pareja bella y comelona’, which means a cute couple with big appetite.

The then fiancées realized that Miami videographers did not fit the style they wanted for their own wedding footage.

“We knew it was going to be impossible to shoot our own wedding, but we wanted to give the option of a new and fresh perspective to other people that felt like us,” said Sánchez.

“We also wanted to earn extra income for our wedding doing something that we both enjoyed,” Gonzalez added.

Being artists on different fields such as photography and graphic design, the mixture of these talents produces a vintage looking recipe for producing wedding videos shot with high quality equipment.

Sánchez takes care of all the social media and website, while Gonzalez is on guard of all the technical aspects such as lighting, audio, and production. They both share shooting and editing responsibilities.

“When we first started to plan our wedding we didn’t prioritize having video at our wedding,” said Sánchez. “But after shooting a few weddings we realized how important capturing special moments on film is.”

On February 3, 2013, Sanchez and Gonzalez shared what he describes as a “dreamlike and unusually perfect” day: Their wedding. They had an intimate ceremony with family, close friends, and Celia’s 8-year-old daughter, Luna Crespo.

“They’re very sweet and they take care of me properly,” said Luna. “Because some parents are not good at taking care of kids properly.”

The newlyweds lived together before the wedding, but they stated that things have felt differently after it.

“Our sense of partnership is stronger,” said Sánchez.

The newlyweds not only shoot weddings, even though it is its specialty. An example of this is the video they did for Miami Yelp free event Streetopia.

“Besides weddings, we’ve been getting jobs for businesses events. We want to tailor our website to both prospect clients,” said Sánchez.

“We’ve gotten many more jobs as a result of all the spec work we did in the beginning,” said Gonzalez. “Pabelona has helped us realize how important we are to each other and how much we can do together.”

Daniel Abrusci, Audio Engineer and friend of the couple said: “It’s great because that is what team work is about and the fact that they have so much in common and pretty much the same interests makes it even better.”

Luna highly recommends watching Pabelona Studio’s videos at “You should watch the videos because they’re really fun and you feel really happy when you see them,” said Luna.

“Every couple marches to the beat of their own drum. But one thing is the same for everyone: you meet someone who’s music to your ears and life becomes a song” – Pabelona Studio

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